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Can Outdoor Lighting Improve Your Vision?

We know that outdoor lighting offers a whole host of benefits, including increased safety and security, better aesthetics, and a more enjoyable atmosphere. But did you know that Florida outdoor lighting can even slow and reduce nearsightedness?


About Nearsightedness
Nearsightedness, also called myopia, is a very common vision problem in our country. People with myopia can see objects close to them, but struggle to see objects that are farther away. This usually occurs if your cornea is too steeply curved and causes light to focus in front of the retina instead of directly on it. While genetics and environmental conditions may be to blame, experts aren’t sure exactly why this some people suffer nearsightedness while others do not.

Since it’s expected that more than half of the entire population will be nearsighted by 2050, it’s important to determine causes and methods of prevention now, rather than in 20 years when eye health is widely and severely damaged.

How Can Outdoor Lighting Help?
Many lines of thought originally blamed too much screen time for the prevalent development of myopia, but a recent study shows that people who spend less time outdoors are more likely to suffer from nearsightedness.

This link exists for two reasons. The first is that natural, unfiltered outdoor lighting is healthy for the eyes in certain amounts. When children with nearsightedness spend less time outside, their vision worsens accordingly. This lesson can be generalized to the rest of the population that will likely suffer from more hours spent indoors.

On the flip side, spending time outdoors at night with poor lighting can also harm vision, since it leads to eye strain. The best solution is to install supportive outdoor lights in gentle hues that prevent the strain that can lead to vision problems. Given that outdoor Tampa garden lighting also improves security and adds a touch of atmosphere to any outdoor environment, it’s a smart move!

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